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    Balance Disc Cushion Reversible Durable Inflatable Yoga Massage Ball Pad Sport Gym Fitness Wobble Stability

    Improves balance and posture Strengthen and tones muscles Increases core strength Relieves tenses muscle Reduces back pain Increases concentration and focus Product Size: 33cm thick:7cm

    Hollow Yoga Foam Roller Myofascial Trigger Point Release

    Hollow Yoga Foam Roller Perfect for struggling and Stiff muscle and to increased Blood Flow A tool for muscle relaxation all over your body It can make you more comfortable with this soft rubber Can increase also athletic performance and improve circulation Decreased injury risk

    Jute Anti-Microbial Yoga Mats 183cm

    Jute Anti-microbial Yoga Mats Measurement: 183cm x 61cm x 5mm Thick enough for cushion and comfort, yet thin enough to feel the floor Top side : Super-slip resistant jute and (ecologically certified) PVC blend Bottom side : Dotted underside grips the floor whatever the surface

    Liveup Yoga Block 3 Heights


    Liveup Yoga Exercise Mat


    Liveup Yoga Stretching Wheel