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    Tricep Box Bar

    The Tricep Box Bar may be a simple piece of equipment but it certainly has a lot of benefits when you use it for training. More than just using this for your tricep curls and extensions, you can also perform weighted squats, presses, and lunges in a more controlled manner as well.

    Multipurpose Bar

    Product Details: Length: 40cm Diameter: 10cm

    V Pressdown Bar

    Product Details: Weight: 4kg Angled handle Chrome Finish with rubber handles Button End to Avoid Slipping

    Tricep Short Bar

    Product Details: Weight: 2.7kg Rubber Handles Button Ends to prevent slipping

    Double Tricep Bar

    Product Details: Length: 67cm Diameter: 10cm

    Revolving V Bar

    Product Details: Length: 41 cm Diameter: 10 cm

    Lat Pulldown Bar

    Product Details: Length: 116 cm Diameter: 10 cm

    Livepro Barbell Pad

    Product Details: Material: foam / polyester Length: 45.0cm Diameter: 9.0cm

    Progress Tricep Short Bar