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    Progress Trap Bar

    Develop your glutes, hamstrings, and back muscles using the Progress Trap Bar in your workout. Try this out for your trap bar deadlifts which are a bit easier and safer than your traditional deadlifts because of how you are positioned. It also puts less stress on the lumbar spine which is important for people who might have back issues already.

    Tricep Box Bar

    The Tricep Box Bar may be a simple piece of equipment but it certainly has a lot of benefits when you use it for training. More than just using this for your tricep curls and extensions, you can also perform weighted squats, presses, and lunges in a more controlled manner as well.

    Super Grip Bar

    Product Details: Chrome Finish 4 different handle grips

    Multipurpose Bar

    Product Details: Length: 40cm Diameter: 10cm

    V Pressdown Bar

    Product Details: Weight: 4kg Angled handle Chrome Finish with rubber handles Button End to Avoid Slipping

    Double Tricep Bar

    Product Details: Length: 67cm Diameter: 10cm